Regency Studio ES135
Electric Fireplace

Regency is excited to offer a growing collection of our electric line. Now introducing Studio, our newest and sleekest electric fireplace that strikes the perfect balance between a stylish and comforting ambience.

Key Features Include:

  • Variety and Customisation
  • Stunning, sleek 13″ glass viewing height
  • Multi-Color LED Lighting System
  • 3 Distinct Flame Settings
  • 14 Fuel Bed Lighting options
  • Offered in 3 different sizes (41”, 53”, & 65”)
  • 14 different fuel bed lighting colors
  • 5 levels of adjustable brightness
  • Optional mood lighting kit
  • Optional realistic birch log set
  • Flexibility and Easy Installation
  • Can be installed in even the smallest spaces
  • Everything needed for installation included in the box
  • Perfect for apartments and condominiums
  • Use flame and fuel effect year-round (even without heat)
  • No chimney or gas lined required
  • Use thermostatic remote to program the fireplace to turn on or off at desired temperature and time