The history of Portland Fireplace Shop began in 1961. The store opened in the Raleigh Hills shopping center. After a successful 7 year run the store was moved to Washington Square and settled in there until the business was retired in 1973. The retirement lasted until October of 2008. When a friend of mine said lets reopen Portland Fireplace Shop while we were driving down Stark St. He noticed our current location and said that would be a great spot for Portland Fireplace Shop.

At Portland Fireplace Shop we are different than most local fireplace shops. We believe in servicing our customers with what they need. We will not try to sell you over priced products or over sell your needs. Our staff has over 59 years of experience in fireplace and hearth products. We are your one stop fireplace shop in Portland, Oregon and we service all of the Metro Area. We take a lot of pride in serving the Portland area with its Hearth and Barbecue needs. We make the Northwest Winters a whole lot warmer!