Regency Classic™ i2450
Wood Insert

This Regency Classic Medium Wood Insert is ready to install and fits easily into your existing fireplace. Load wood in this stove front to back or side to side for the optimum convenience. Increase the value of your home and decrease your monthly heating bill.

Backed by the industry’s most comprehensive Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Standard Features

  • EPA certified
  • Single rod draft control
  • Heavy duty cast door with cool-to-touch handle
  • Convector grills directs warm air into the room
  • Load wood front to back or side to side
  • High performance brick-lined firebox
  • Clean glass airwash system
  • Heat radiating ceramic glass provides maximum warmth
  • Dual-burn design creates longer and more complete burns



  • Cast iron door in black or nickel accent
  • 2-speed blower
  • Standard or oversize surround


Maximum BTUs/hr 75,000
Heats Up To 2200 sq ft
Efficiency 67%
Product Size Medium
Log Size 18″
Burn Time up to 10 hrs
Firebox Capacity 2.3 cu. ft.
Emissions (gms/hr) 1.4
Room Size Large
Vent Type Stainless
Vent Size (Exhaust) 6″
Types Of Fireplaces Masonry Or ZC

Appliance Dimensions

Width 23 1/4″
Height 20 3/4″
Depth 17″

Hearth Requirements

Insert At Flush Depth From Opening 23″ Depth Of Hearth Is Needed

Surround Sizes

Medium Shroud 40″ Width X 30″ Height
Large Shroud 48″ Width x 33″ Height

Mantle Clearances

Clearance Required 34″ Mantle Sticking Out Up To 3 1/2″
Clearance Required 37″ Mantle Sticking Out 12″. Note: It’s a sliding scale for mantles 3 1/2″ to 12″
Note: Side and Top facing is a maximum of 1.5″ thick.

Minimum Fireplace Opening

Width 25″
Height 21 1/2″
Depth 17″


Click Here For The Spec-Sheet


Click Here For The Spec-Sheet

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