Regency® City Series™ Seattle See-Through 60 Gas Fireplace

The Regency City Series linear gas fireplaces feature a seamless clear view of the fire with the ability to be integrated into any décor style

Standard Features

  • Clean face design (no frames or silicone)
  • Double Sided for dual room enjoyment
  • Invisible glass safety barrier
  • Cool touch wall technology
  • Decorative rated
  • Standard interior lighting
  • Proflame II remote with 50% turndown
  • Internal control system (no remote access door required)
  • Optional steel framing kits
  • Optional Heatwave kit
  • No power or cooling vents required
  • Clean uninterrupted view of the fire
  • Reflective enamel or glass panels to accentuate the flame picture (optional)
  • Place a TV right above the fire
  • Standard interior lights to accentuate the fire
  • Use any finishing material right to the edge of the fireplace, even wood!


The Seattle See-Through 60” model is a stunning addition to our extremely popular City Series Lineup. Enjoy unmatched City Views from two rooms with our first see-through City Series designer gas fireplace. Featuring all the exceptional features of our entire City Series lineup, you can enjoy a frameless view of the fire (now from two sides!), finish direct to the edge of the fireplace with any material and hang TV’s or artwork without worry with Regency’s patented Cool Wall System.

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