Osburn Small 1700
Wood Stove
Available In 1 Day From Time Of Order

Up To A 30% Tax Credit

Designed to meet the needs of smaller spaces, the Osburn 1700 combines robustness and elegance to allow you to enjoy your heating experience with confidence. This unit is equipped with high-density bricks, a stainless steel heat shield added to the C-Cast firestop, a cast iron door, a built-in ash pan, a top heat deflector that redirects heat to the front of the unit, and side panels to reduce its clearances.

Choose your favorite version by customizing the unit to suit your style: refined door overlays, new leg designs, glass ash lip; significant innovations for the most seasoned experts.



Maximum BTUs/hr 65,000
Heats Uo To 500 – 1,800
EPA-Tested BTUs/hr 15,650 BTU/h to 23,300 BTU/h
Higher Heating Value Efficiency (HHV) 70%
Lower Heating Value Efficiency (LHV) 75%
Product Size Small
Log Size 16″
Burn Time up to 6 hrs
Firebox Capacity 1.9 cu. ft.
Emissions (gms/hr) 1.26
View Area 15 3/4″ x 9 3/8″
Room Size Medium
Vent Type Single Or Double
Vent Size (Air Intake) N/A
Vent Size (Exhaust) 6″

Hearth Requirements

Standard Pad 48″ Deep X 40″ Wide
Standard Corner Pad 48″ Corner Pad
Factory Notes: *If the appliance is installed on a combustible floor, a non-combustible shield must be used underneath the
appliance. In the USA, the non-combustible shield must extend 16” out from the front and 8” out from either
side of the fuel-loading door.


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Appliance Dimensions

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