Osburn Inspire 2000
Wood Insert

Up To A 30% Tax Credit

This wood insert will bring an unmatched modernism to your decor, in addition to perfectly combining functionality and comfort. The impeccable lines display a timeless style while guaranteeing reliability and durability.
Whether you want to enjoy a broad view of the flames in the comfort of your living room during a romantic evening or simply to benefit from impressive heat in cold weather, the Inspire will charm you as much by its aesthetics as its 79% optimal performance . With its particle emission rate as 2.3 g/h and its high-performance combustion system, environmentalists have never been as happy with wood heating. The Inspire Collection celebrates our past and embraces our future as our team is committed more than ever to our industry’s contribution to sustainability . A dream opportunity on the latest trends!



Maximum BTUs/hr 75,000
Heats Up To 500 – 2,100 sq ft
Efficiency 79%
Product Size Medium
Log Size 20″
Burn Time up to 8 hrs
Firebox Capacity 2.3 cu. ft.
Emissions (gms/hr) 2.3
Room Size Large
Vent Type Stainless
Vent Size (Exhaust) 6″
Masonary Fireplaces Only Yes

Appliance Dimensions

Width 28 1/2″
Height 24″
Depth 20 3/4″

Hearth Requirements

16″ Ember Protection If Hearth Is Raised More Than 5″ Or 23″ Thermal Protection Hearth Is Raised 5″ Or Less

Surround Sizes

Regular Faceplate 32″ Width X 25 1/8″ Height
Oversized Faceplate 50″ Width x 32″ Height
Custom Faceplate Available

Mantle Clearances

Clearance Required 27″ above desired faceplate Mantle Sticking Out Up To 12″ Max

Minimum Fireplace Opening

  • Width 29″
    Height 24 5/8″
    Depth 20 3/4″