Hearthstone Lincoln
Small Wood Stove
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TruHybrid™ Technology
All of our wood stoves exceed 2020 EPA standards so you can be sure they burn clean today and for many years to come.

Soapstone Comfort

Full soapstone + cast iron construction offers comfortable, long-lasting heat and a lifetime of trouble free service.

Convenient Features

A square cook plate on the top of the stove is great for warming things up. It also provides easy access to the catalyst for servicing.



A HearthStone soapstone log burner designed for small spaces. The Lincoln was designed to be simple to use, easy to maintain, and sized for small living spaces. Designed as a traditional ‘log burner’, the Lincoln burns full size cord wood (we recommend 16″), but fits in tight spaces. It’s perfect for cabins, accessory dwelling units, or smaller rooms within you home. Optional heat shields can be added to either side and the back of the stove so it can be tucked tightly into corners taking up less space. The square plate on the top of the stove is finished with our food grade enamel, so it’s easy to heat things up and clean up any spills. The catalyst slides back to engage once the fire is hot. The slide system helps you remember to engage the catalyst for a clean burn. And, with the cook plate removed, you have easy access to check and clean the system.



BTU: Up to 23,000

Efficiency: 78.5%

EPA Certified: 1.14 g/hr

Finish: Matte Black

Firebox Capacity: 1.0 cubic feet

Flue Exit Diameter: 6″

Flue Exit Location: Top

HeatLife: 9.5

Heats up to: 575 sq. ft.

Maximum Log Length: 18″ (16″ recommended)

Model: 8060

Stove Type: Soapstone Wood Stove

Weight: 195 lbs.


Rear Heat Shield: 90-68601

Side Heat Shield: 90-68605

Outside Air Stater Kit, 3″: 96-53400

Outside Air Increaser, 3″ to 4″: 90-53308


  • Side: 22″
  • Rear: 9″
  • Corner: 13.75″
    Double-wall connector pipe, no heat shields
  • Side: 9″
  • Rear: 3.5″
  • Corner: 7.25″
    Double-wall connector pipe with side & rear heat shields

Hearth Requirements

Standard Pad 40″ Deep X 40″ Wide
Standard Corner Pad 48″ Corner Pad
Factory Notes: *Lincoln 8060 does not require an insulated hearth pad. The minimum floor protection must be met under the stove and extend 16″ in front of the stove.

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